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Mother's Day Special: The Wagyu Feast

Mother's Day Special: The Wagyu Feast

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Treat your queen to the unrivalled king of all roasts – the luxuriously marbled, slow-roasted, whole bone-in rib of Australian Wagyu Beef.

This glorious roast deserves to be the sole centrepiece of your Mother’s Day feast, enjoyed in its full, natural beefiness. Savour the rich, flavourful meat as it is, or serve it with some Horseradish Cream and Demi-Glace.
We picked 6 sides to match the majestic roast: Truffle Mac & Cheese, Garlic Roasted Pumpkin, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Honey Glazed Carrots, Buttery Mashed Potatoes, and Creamed Spinach. But remember to leave some room for the decadent dessert of creamy mousse!

This bundle contains:

  • Australian Wagyu Prime Rib - Large
  • Truffle Mac & Cheese
  • Garlic Roasted Pumpkin
  • Rosemary Roasted Potatoes
  • Honey Glazed Carrots
  • Buttery Mashed Potatoes
  • Creamed Spinach
  • Horseradish Cream
  • Demi-Glace
  • Mini Mousse Cups (Box of 8)
  • Voucher for a free side on your next order

Serves up to 8 pax.