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About Us

Sunday Catering

Sunday Catering

Est. 2020 - What a year. If nothing else, it has reminded us of the power of food to bring comfort and togetherness. Giving us pause to reflect and appreciate the little joys in life.


Launching this catering service is our part in bringing back the simple pleasure of gathering around a table. The joy of sitting down at home with those closest to you to enjoy a lovingly prepared family roast. Or the joy of festive feasting to celebrate good times. Unhurried and real.


Our food is simply good ingredients cooked well. We take the time to source good ingredients and we don’t hurry the cooking. We choose to cook from scratch. This is what we love doing. We love spending time in the kitchen testing and working out how to bring out the best. You could say we are obsessed with the blend of science and art that is food and cooking. 


Good Food, Cooked Well.