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Mini Mousse Cups (Box of 8)

Mini Mousse Cups (Box of 8)

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Light and creamy textures balanced by bold flavours. Each petite cup is approximately 2 fl oz, making them the perfect finish to a hearty feast.

For Mother's Day, we handpicked a selection of flavours that would suit the taste buds of the adults and children alike.

Rich notes of espresso folded into a light, airy mousse. Hitting the right balance of sweetness and subtle bitterness, this coffee-infused treat tastes of sheer deliciousness and sophistication.

Hazelnut Praline
The pleasantly sweet flavours of hazelnut praline blended into a creamy, decadent mousse. The perfect treat for a sweet tooth!

Fragrant to some but odoriferous to others, there’s nothing quite like the King of Fruits. If you’re looking for an off-season fix, this durian mousse is bound to satiate your craving!


The Durian box comes with 8 Durian mini mousse cups.

The Chocolate Indulgence box comes with 4 Tiramisu and 4 Hazelnut Praline mini mousse cups.